Signature Floors Pixel campaign

Signature Floors’ colourful new range of carpet tiles requires a campaign that captures attention in a crowded marketplace.

Our Approach

Pixel is a square carpet tile available in two textures — SHIFT and STATIC, both in a kaleidoscopic range of colours. Based on these parameters, Envelope responds with a campaign embracing the notion of ’play’ illustrated by the pixelated imagery of early analog video games.

PIXEL = PLAY encapsulates this product’s interactivity and ability to create abstract patterns and low resolution bitmap imagery using simple square carpet tiles. An upward pointing hand icon inspired by computer GUI interfaces further embodies the notion of play.

Important characteristics such as colour, flexibility and agility of installation — together with Signature’s renowned stock levels — are expressed as key themes of the campaign.

Envelope enlists the talents of Cate Rayson to develop the campaign copy. Gary Moore and the team at Miss Bossy Boots photograph various room setups designed in collaboration with Signature’s own creative team.

Key deliverables of the campaign include a comprehensive printed catalogue, bespoke samples box and a digital presentation for customisation by Signature’s sales team. 

Staying on script has never been more fun.

Campaign identity

We also developed a campaign for Signature Studio and H2o Architects.