KAL Analysis Brand Identity

Kate Brooks is a social scientist with a passion for identifying and incorporating essential people-centred values into programs and policies to deliver sustainable organisational change.


For more than 20 years, KAL Analysis has been associated with Kate's ability to translate raw research data into practical strategy that is people focused. The introduction of Kate's personal name clarifies ownership of the business and emphasises the personal touch she brings to every project.

An elegant abstraction of a pie chart — a visual representation of data that is often cited as more immediately understandable by lay people — forms the basis of a unique approach to the illustration of Kate's project case studies.

An editorial style website features distilled articles making for an engaging read with personal client testimonials adding further credibility. 

Significant projects are documented for digital and physical communications ensuring the message is tailored to the medium. Postcards are used to engage colleagues and clients with a more tangible call to action than a fleeting email.

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Brand identity

We also developed brand identities and communications for VECCI and ACIL ALLEN.