GHD Internal Campaign

GHD’s workforce of 8500 engineering, architecture, environmental and construction professionals is a global network spanning five continents. Envelope’s internal communications campaign crossed borders and languages to successfully engage GHD’s diverse team.



Project partners M+Associates conducts interviews with GHD stakeholders from its board to engineers working on site. Valuable insights gained inform a detailed communications strategy which is sensitive to GHD’s cultural diversity.

Working towards a synchronised global launch date, a teaser campaign raises employee curiosity. Incremental communications such as email newsletters and concise printed pieces answer any questions.

Board presentations are prepared to equip management across the globe with a detailed understanding of the strategy and the campaign roll out.

A 20 minute multimedia presentation featuring staff from each of GHD’s operating regions with local translations is the focal point of launch day. Envelope rationalised a myriad of messages and content into a cohesive and engaging story that told the history of GHD and also launched its new strategy.

Supporting print collateral is customised by GHD’s in-house team using a range of Envelope designed templates.


We also developed an internal culture campaign for energy conglomerate TXU.