BASF Fibres Campaigns

Le Corbusier’s idealised urban environments inform the creation of an abstracted landscape which became the centrepiece of an Asia-Pacific print advertising campaign directed at visionary architects and interior designers.


Market research confirms the interests of this discerning audience. A confident new headline by Cate Rayson — Carpet for visionaries, draws attention to a scale model of a city with BASF’s spools of fibre inserted as a sculptural intervention in the landscape.

Photographed by Andrew Curtis, the model is gradually abstracted over the course of the campaign which also features an annual award for design excellence.

To ensure a unified message, BASF’s sales team is equipped with a marketing kit of printed collateral and a multimedia presentation.

After the success of the first year’s national campaign the creative concept is evolved to promote a multiplicity of product colour options which feature in an expanded Asia Pacific campaign.

Market research

We've produced national campaigns for NIDA and Mecca Cosmetica.