Alfred Hospital Wayfinding and signage

Victoria’s Alfred Hospital spans one of the largest health campuses in Australia. Envelope’s wayfinding and directional signage prototype assists patients and their visitors to navigate more efficiently while also improving the visual amenity of this busy hospital.


During its long history of providing healthcare services to Victorians, The Alfred had implemented a number of different signage systems across its enormous Prahran campus. Envelope conducted detailed analysis of patient and visitor movements to inform the brief to develop a new wayfinding and signage prototype. 

Overlooked for many years, an existing compass installed on the floor of the test environment, informed Envelope’s strategy to reintroduce a north, south, east and west navigation system.

Addressing an additional aspect of the brief — to improve the visual amenity of these environments — super graphics are applied in bold colours taken from The Alfred's existing corporate identity. Ward names set in a rounded font replace acronyms familiar to staff but foreign to patients and visitors. 

Envelope's research also demonstrated that stairs — originally designed as an escape route — were preferred by staff over elevators for movements between levels. These dark stairwells are improved with new lighting and wall-to-wall imagery of healthy exercise activities to create a visually positive journey.


We also developed wayfinding and signage for OZ Minerals and Mayflower care community.