Envelope is a flexible, collaborative network of brand research, strategy, design and marketing practitioners, dedicated to tailoring strong, compelling and personal connections between brand and audience.


Envelope creates and manages brands. Most importantly, we empower your employees and suppliers with tools to produce effective marketing and communications materials – maximising productivity and reducing business costs.

We are also experienced trainers and have developed brand education programs for a wide range of organisations from small family businesses to global conglomerates.

Envelope’s team is highly collaborative. We prefer our members to be completely immersed in your environment rather than trying to impress you with ours.

We want to gain a thorough understanding of your business or organisation, working with all of your divisions with a broad view so that we focus on positive outcomes for your brand. It’s important to us that the final outcome is highly recognisable and reflective of your individual culture and not ours.

We apply strategic rigour to all aspects of the brief and deliver creative solutions that are based on extensive research and practical outcomes.

Core activities

Strategic marketing: Envelope develops integrated marketing strategies based on facts rather than assumptions or individual points of view. Thorough research of the competitive landscape is followed by detailed analysis to enable future directions to be devised with confidence. Information is gathered through web-based investigation, independent research studies, internal company interviews, external focus groups and one-on-one interviews. A unique, relevant and achievable market position that you own can then be developed.

Creative: We believe that every brief should create the foundations for excellent project outcomes. Ideas can be constrained or liberated depending on the quality of the underlying strategy and its explanation. For many projects we actually create the brief for our clients, based on the research carried out before the creative process gets underway. Envelope can then develop your total presence including naming, developing a brand identity, and producing printed and digital marketing communications. Our core design capabilities include print, digital, packaging and signage. 

Communication: When devising an effective communications strategy, Envelope operates from a media neutral perspective. We analyse the target audience including their media consumption habits and relationship with your organisation. The right mix is then devised which may include events, public relations, advertising, direct mail or social media.


Marketing strategy: internal research, external research, analysis, strategy, positioning statement, value proposition, company vision, values

Communication strategy: define objectives, target audience/s definition, message definition, media channels

Identity review: corporate identity audit and inventory, analysis, project scope

Brand architecture: wordmark and logo or symbols, publication architecture, photography and illustration approach, typography, language, colour palettes, materials palettes, brand toolkits

Stationery: letterhead, followers, with compliments, business cards, invitations, postcards, facsimile, invoices, business forms, address labels, report covers, electronic word processing and report templates

Publications: company magazines, newsletters, annual reports, corporate profiles, prospectuses, environment safety and health reports

Digital: internet, intranet, extranet, social media

Signage: information pictograms, internal and external way-finding, point-of-sale, banners and portable displays

Transport: vehicles and mobile equipment

Advertising: on- and off-line media

Direct marketing: product catalogues

Multimedia: video, animation and motion graphics

Exhibition and trade events: banners and trade show installations

Training: employee and supplier brand training and engagement